Saturday, February 28, 2009

NAHBS Iglebooth 2009

The Sturmey Archer S3X 3 speed Fixed hub is a NAHBS Favorite.
Available in Anodized colors. Thanks Sturmey!
and more from Sturmey...coaster brake one speed fitted with Delta's belt drive system.
Oh yeah Belt drive Smoooooth!!!!!!!!

you've seen the One speed, you've seen the Three here's the two speed! Hammer-schmidt dual speed, 650B, Chris King inset headset, a spectacular 953 stainless down tube. Kingdom Trails here we come.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Building madly for the 2009 North American Hand Made Bicycle Show out in Indianapolis, Indiana. A lot of builders will be there so it is the candyland of gum dipped bicycles. Some of the best builders going. IgleBike will be in booth # 227, next to Kieth Anderson Cycles. Kieth & I have too much fun at these shows so it should be a large time. Uncle Ross will be missed though he is out launching his cool new seatpost:
A very interesting design. Can not wait to try one. The idea sounds so practical.
Anyway, I am excited to be at my 4th NAHMBS displaying with such great people. Have 4 new builds to show off, which I shall save for later with snap shots of the booth & maybe some fun.
Have more forks to go make,bye.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So looking at the web sight there are no pictures of the Traditional New England Segmented Fork (T.N.E.S.F.)so here are some rather terrible photos I took & now are here for the curious.
Making NAMBS show bikes right now, will have a selection of bikes to show out in Indianapolis. I will say more once I know certain parts are going to make it. One bike is figured out & it is a hoot: A belt drive coasterbrake get around bike, something for the fun of riding around. Making commuter bikes calling them "Yoyodyne" as that just sounds like something corporate that will take over the world(thank you Thomas Pynchon)
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