Friday, March 23, 2012

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Hey folks!

We are moving to the website and keeping it all under one roof.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NAHBS 2012 Media Roundup

Hello cycling friends!

This years NAHBS in Sacramento was great!
Christopher had a wonderful time speaking with so many enthusiastic cyclists.
It was tiring though so I'll (Jim) be posting while Christopher takes a breather and gets prepared to tackle the now longer wait list.
Let's start with all the publicity links from NAHBS 2012.

Thanks to all the kind folks who took the time to stop by the booth and share their impressions with the interwebs. It is greatly appreciated!

In chronological order.
NAHBS Tech: Chris Igleheart's top cap lightswitch
This is a nice piece on the custom light switch added to the dynamo lighting.
NAHBS Standouts
Our highest visibility article. First mention front page on Velo first day of the show. Bike Portland beat you by a few hours!
Thanks Nick for h
ighlighting the Trail Poacher, Mixtie and Chimay bar plugs.
NAHBS 2012 Rock Lobster Cherubim Igleheart
A well traveled cycling blog with an outstanding selection of pictures from the show booth.

Thanks to our friend James Huang the busiest tech writer in the bicycle biz often copied but never imitated. James offers up some very nice shots of the green 29" frame and the subtle details Christopher has become known for as well as the favorite Chimay bar plugs.

There are also some print articles in the works. We will bring those to your attention in the next post.
Thanks for reading.
We have a bunch of fun stuff planned for this summer so check back periodically.

Jim Partsguy