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Hey folks!

We are moving to the website and keeping it all under one roof.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NAHBS 2012 Media Roundup

Hello cycling friends!

This years NAHBS in Sacramento was great!
Christopher had a wonderful time speaking with so many enthusiastic cyclists.
It was tiring though so I'll (Jim) be posting while Christopher takes a breather and gets prepared to tackle the now longer wait list.
Let's start with all the publicity links from NAHBS 2012.

Thanks to all the kind folks who took the time to stop by the booth and share their impressions with the interwebs. It is greatly appreciated!

In chronological order.
NAHBS Tech: Chris Igleheart's top cap lightswitch
This is a nice piece on the custom light switch added to the dynamo lighting.
NAHBS Standouts
Our highest visibility article. First mention front page on Velo first day of the show. Bike Portland beat you by a few hours!
Thanks Nick for h
ighlighting the Trail Poacher, Mixtie and Chimay bar plugs.
NAHBS 2012 Rock Lobster Cherubim Igleheart
A well traveled cycling blog with an outstanding selection of pictures from the show booth.

Thanks to our friend James Huang the busiest tech writer in the bicycle biz often copied but never imitated. James offers up some very nice shots of the green 29" frame and the subtle details Christopher has become known for as well as the favorite Chimay bar plugs.

There are also some print articles in the works. We will bring those to your attention in the next post.
Thanks for reading.
We have a bunch of fun stuff planned for this summer so check back periodically.

Jim Partsguy

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Red Bones 15th Annual Bike Party

Redbones 15th Annual
Bike Party & Benefit

for NEMBA & MassBike
Monday, June 6, 5 - 10 pm
Food, beer, raffle, fun.

$15 gets you in & includes food, drink, bicycle valet parking & a raffle ticket.

More raffle tickets are $2.00 each or three for $5.00

Ride By for the Biggest Bike Party of the year!

Igleheart Custom Frames & Forks will have a display booth, come by with your Igle bike & park it in the booth & show it off.

Raffle tickets let you win fabulous prizes & buying them supports MassBike & NEMBA.

You might win a fork made by hand by me.

Beer & BBQ + bikes= A LARGE TIME

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fork Orders

Hello All, we have had massive computer melt down & have lost a lot of data, the most annoying issue is the fork orders people have placed in the last couple months. If you have ordered a fork & have heard nothing from us, then your lost in the aether & please contact
Sorry for any inconvience.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Igleheart bikes in in the UK

Hi there,

Following on from Jim’s words back in March, let me introduce myself, I’m Richard from England, together with Christopher, and we have been hard at work developing a fairly new and radical step for the Igleheart brand.

For a while Christopher has seen a rise in interest in his work in the UK and Europe, pretty much I think as a reaction to a market that has chosen a style and method of manufacture which is lead by cost and mass production.

When I started cycling at school, I soon got into the racing scene, and at any meet there would display of all the greats and hopefuls of frame building ,Reg Harris, Holdsworth, Geoffrey Butler, Chas Roberts, all helping to define you own style. Turning up to a race now you will be met with an array of big manufacturers bikes, most probably built in the same factory in China.

I was introduced to Christopher through a mutual friend when I was developing a single speed ridged fork mountain bike.

Christopher so impressed me with depth of knowledge and passion for his art, I thought it only right that my fellows over this side of the Atlantic should have the opportunity to live the “Igleheart dream”

With a bit of tailoring, Christopher and I hatched an idea which could be marketed in far foreign lands. Rather than frame only builds, we will be offering a range of forward thinking custom builds to all. These bikes will offer a break from tradition over the standard offering in the UK. Starting with our bike which show cased at the NAHBS in Richmond the range will be:


(No pun intended) this is the “rough stuff “bike.

For those who might not know the term Rough stuff is a style of riding dating back to the 50’s in England, where riders get away from the tarmac and explore tracks and byways (gravel tracks). The bikes originally where a real mix of styles and shapes; showing that you don’t have to just stick to a mountain bike to ride off road. Some great information and pictures can be found on

Wouldn’t it be great we thought, to develop this idea and bring it up to date, to allow your ride to go wherever the feeling takes you? To ride push or carry a cycle over bridleways, footpaths and tracks or even where there is no path.

With the IRS, we have developed a bike to cater for on and off road. Now you can tear up the tarmac all the way to the trail head to single track it home. The best of both worlds.

Specification on the IRS has been specifically chosen for this (application) in mind


This bike is aimed at the city commuter but is much more versatile than one pigeon holed term. It has been based around a fast tourer /randonee with full braze on’s and finished in a custom paint.

The heart of this bike is based around using the Rolhoff speed hub 500/14.

We can all appreciate the advantages if a hub gear, such as:

· less wear on the moving parts, enclosed design needs only a single chain wheel,

· The chain is always in the optimal position regardless of the chosen gear unlike the derailleur case.

· Because the hub is sealed from the elements, dirt and water are less of a issue

· The Speed hub uses symmetrical lacing of the spokes, which leads to less spoke strain and fewer breakages.

· Gears progress in much more constant steps.

Gears can be changed while the bicycle is stationary, good for the traffic.

For us one of the big disadvantages is the standard shifter, we were adamant we wanted to run with drop bars. Most are probably aware that the Rolhoff shifter can only be mounted on the ends of the bars, (really intended for straight bar set ups) this we felt lead to a cluttered look with the cables. we set about developing a rotary shifter, This brings the shifter up on the tops of the bars near the stem. Cable routing is much neater and the style lends itself to the overall build.

The ICC is coupled with independent manufactured components carefully selected to enhance the distinct and individual look and feel of this bike.


Cyclosportives are incredibly popular in Europe. They allow us as mere mortals to experience a feel of riding in the grand tours like the l’Etape du Tour, or challenging events such as La Marmotte with its climbs over Croix de Fer, Telegraghe and Galibier. In the UK we have a very active calendar giving riders opportunities most weekends to put themselves to the test.

Comfort is the Holy Grail of sportive riders. That's not to say that endurance riders don't want their bikes to have most of the stiffness, lightness and sheer 'bling' of their professional cousins but, quite rightly, they want to go back to their day jobs at the end of a hard weekend and at least be able to sit down...if not quite walk properly.

Using Christopher’s vast experience in racing and combining it with his knowledge custom builds, we believe we have come up with a perfect combination of performance and comfort. To combat the masses the ICC will stand out with its mix of custom build and unique components.


The 29” is a relative new concept in the UK, but the advantages are plain to see. Larger diameter wheels roll over obstacles better, maintain momentum, improved ground clearance and better straight line tracking. 29” wheels create a longer tire contact patch, this helps you float through mud, sand, snow, and also improves traction when climbing. Using Paragon Sliders means the bike can be versatile, single speed, Rolhoff or derailleur. The frame geometry can be adjusted to I particular suspension fork, or to really live the dream, the segmented rigid fork made by Christopher will set the bike apart.

To start the ball rolling we have managed to have a very favourable review in the monthly magazine “Cycling Active”

which is produced by the biggest cycle magazine in the UK "Cycling Weekly"

On the back of this we were ask if we would like to provide some display bikes for Cycling weekly's stand at the main show in the UK “Cycle” in Earls court, London. This provided some excellent profile and gave a opportunity to chat to the trade and public.

The bikes we had on show were the IRS and ICC looking stunning in their own way, The IRS polished Columbus XCR stainless tubing with its mix of Sram XX and Force and the ICC showing off its airbrushed mudguards and unique shifter for the Rohloff. They created quite an impression, a welcome alternative to the standard big brand models.

From the show the bike will go to our dealer Cycles Dauphin in Surrey. This will be our shop front where clients will be sized.

So thing are moving, and so if you are from the European side and fancy owning a work of art which will ride like best bike you have ever owned, please get in contact with me.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Igle in Israel

Here is a link to a bike I made in 1994, in Hillsboro, Oregon. One of the first of many I made out in Oregon. Somehow it traveled all the way to Israel. Jeff Levinson has it & rides through history with it. Kinda blows my mind that something I made gets to roll on & be in such an ancient place. Thank you Lev.
A little slow in up dating. In the middle of cross madness here. Have 7 frames & forks close to done.
Going to be a big cross year for those on the Hot Lime green & white. I will try to be more timely with posts as these bikes get out to their patient owners.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Aliens ancient face

Angry alien ancient face, fun with a file...

953 with Break Away bits

Russ of Falmouth, Maine, has one light travel bike. All the best of Sram & Head wheels with an IRD carbon fork.


Handmade and imperfectly unique

Shining Example

The future is so bright you got to wear shades!
If this beauty was made by any of the mass-production bike companies there's no doubt that a warning decal on the top tube would read "Caution; ride only on overcast days to avoid blindness". 953 Reynolds polished to perfection with Paragon low mount disk drop-outs.
This build is known as "Rough Stuff".

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Copper Eye Candy

The CU29 is a bike that was displayed at the 2010 hand-made show and was the brain child off a local gent named Jack. A modern twist on old-school style with paint inspired by Jack's four legged friend Copper. The bent tubes and bridging were an undertaking that Christopher will not soon forget but one he should be extremely proud to have created.
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Richmond California Fan Letter, From Natalie Norstadt

Now that the web sight has an easy way to buy a T shirt, here is the Best thank you letter I have ever received. Thank you Natalie, it was very nice of you to take the time to draw a self portrait. Glad you like your shirt.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

NAHBS 2010 Rough Stuff Build

So posts don't get confused around here I will be starting with the tag line...

Jim here.

I'm Jim(thepartsguy) and I work with Christopher assembling bikes and sorting out parts kits among other tasks.

Here are a few pictures from my Saturday night in the hotel at NAHBS. Don't get worried or too excited they're all safe for work for sure. Our friend from England, Richard, commissioned a Rough Stuff bicycle except with a healthy dose of modern technology and equipment. a Rough Stuff bicycle you ask? Well according to Richard in the 50's or 60's some English cycle enthusiasts were not content with riding just on road so they started to use foot paths and trails through the country side earning the title of Rough Stuff riding. At least that's what I remember from this blur of a weekend!

Ok, with background out of the way, the bike came down to the last minute. We had it in the booth as a frameset for two days then I finally had the time Saturday night after some well deserved veggie burger to get it built for Sunday. A very interesting mix of components. SRAM Rival shifters, SRAM Force compact crankset, SRAM Force front deraillure, SRAM XX rear deraillure, SRAM XX 11-36 cassette, Chris King external BB, Chris King Headset, Chris King Disc MTB hubs, Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes, Nitto Randonnuer bars, Wipperman 10s1 chain, Thomson seat post, Schwalbe Racing Ralph 700x35c tires, a brown Brooks Professional saddle with a design by an artist of Alpe d'Huez and finishing it off with Ray's Handle Bra leather bar wrap. Very nice stuff from NYC.

Parts waiting for assembly.

Columbus XCR Stainless Steel tubeset with a color matched steel IgleFork and IgleStem. Frame and fork have clearance for 35c tires and fender mounts. Gold King hubs give the package some zing with the blue.

For those wondering the SRAM road shifters are compatible with the new XX mountain deraillures. Works like a charm. The only issue was running the 50 - 36 combination the chain would rub the top of the front deraillure cage. The extreme angle produced by the 36 and accentuated by the slightly smaller 50 ring causes this almost non-issue. We all know cross gearing is possible but not always advisable so if you are one of those who insist then you will be disappointed. Anyway if you were using a 50 - 36 you can find close to that in the middle of the 34 which you would most likely already be in for ratios of that range.

Yes, that headtube is big. So is Richard! Well, actually, more tall than big. Matching fork and stem look smooth in light blue against the polished stainless steel. The medium brown of the Brooks Professional and the bar wrap compliment the blue nicely.

Some great leather handlebar wrap is always the icing on the cake.
That's my post from NAHBS.
I will be updating the upcoming builds that have been ordered through the show. It will be a few weeks but will prove interesting.

Thanks to all the cool people who checked out the booth and had so many nice things to say. What a great time. Also thanks for the feedback on the SunRace DrivenRZ group.

This concludes our transmission.