Saturday, February 28, 2009

NAHBS Iglebooth 2009

The Sturmey Archer S3X 3 speed Fixed hub is a NAHBS Favorite.
Available in Anodized colors. Thanks Sturmey!
and more from Sturmey...coaster brake one speed fitted with Delta's belt drive system.
Oh yeah Belt drive Smoooooth!!!!!!!!

you've seen the One speed, you've seen the Three here's the two speed! Hammer-schmidt dual speed, 650B, Chris King inset headset, a spectacular 953 stainless down tube. Kingdom Trails here we come.


  1. More information/photos on the 650b with Hammerschmidt please!!!

  2. more info and a rider review once we're back from Indianapolis.

  3. SICK! nice job again christopher. Did you weld the belt into the rear triangle?