Saturday, December 27, 2008

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Happy Holydaze to all.
Well, a new year & a new outlook is a good thing to have with so much going on. I think everyone would agree that a new year would be great with more riding of one's bicycle. Riding to work has always been my favorite pedal. Going into your day to day with it in your face makes you always have a better day. Even if it is not a good day at work your ride home can be the best part. Personally, & that is what a blog is about, a commuting bike is my most favorite ride to build. To not use a car to get to one's gig is just the best for everything. You get to work awake & more ready to work than those who drove, you have the caffeine already careening through your veins & your health care costs go down (employers take note). Though one should, when riding at night , wear white, use a light & stick to the right. Also no lights no rights would go along with it, though it may offend, think about it. If one rides the road & can not be seen, it is not the cars fault.
Anyway to keep the ride to work theme in the light here I get to show off a bike I am really excited about, Miriam Kornitzer's Supper Commuter. Assembly by Thom P. who is a great inspiring blogger & has more pix of this great bike: see TomP. on the right side...over there->


  1. Nice christopher! Love to see/hear the updates.

  2. Christopher, that bike is the nicest piece of art in our house right now, and it's a hell of a lot faster and more useful than the other art to boot.

    Nice work!